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Are you searching to find a digital marketing agency that knows how to increase the sales of your product or service immediately – and continue to increase it over time?

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1. Our Process

It’s a proven process designed to optimise performance. We learn about your business and your goals. Then we develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan customised for your budgets and your needs.

The plan will target the appropriate marketing channels, demographics, and geographic locations to reach your target market with impact. Once it’s launched, we watch the results and examine the data, using both to improve performance more and more.

To maximise your return on investment, we build your brand and your sales. The marketing includes the most effective mix of campaigns to achieve awareness, engagement, and conversions.

We use cross-channel integrated campaigns with full conversion funnels to assure remarkable performance.

2. We simplify digital marketing for you

We’re ready to function as your solution to all aspects of successful marketing on the internet. So you’ll be able to go beyond any concerns you have about its complexity.

3. A comprehensive range of tactics.

Our tactics include a complete range of creative work and technology, implemented with a human touch. It’s a powerful data-driven combination of unpaid and paid tactics that will improve your rankings in organic search, build your brand in social media, drive increased sales, and deliver high ROI from paid search.

4. A complete team of digital marketing experts.

Your digital marketing campaigns will achieve a level of performance that exceeds your expectations, because we’re experts at creating, deploying, and optimising search engine and social media marketing across all platforms.

We know that unified brand marketing is an essential aspect of impact. So we specialise in the integration of digital media with your campaigns in traditional media, such as TV and radio.

The eCLICKS Guarantee

Trusted by Great Brands

The reputation we’ve built for consistently successful performance-based digital marketing has allowed us to attract medium-size companies and large enterprises with great brands. We’d love to learn about your great brand.

Google Premier Partner

eCLICKS is one of the very few agencies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to earn the status of Premier Google Partners. The distinction is awarded to agencies that have achieved outstanding results for their clients year after year. We’ve also been awarded many other industry accolades.

Google Premier Partner
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Google Premier Partner Growing Business

What We Do

Digital Strategy

Our proven strategy to optimise your success

We learn about your business and your goals. Then we develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, customised for your budget and your needs.

The strategy will be made up of the most effective mix of marketing channels, geographic locations, and demographics to achieve awareness, engagement, and conversions. We use cross-channel campaigns with full conversion funnels to assure that our tactics reach your target market with maximum impact.

Once the strategy is launched, we'll observe the results and examine the data to refine the tactics and steadily build on the remarkable performance we expect your digital marketing to achieve.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We create, deploy, and optimise SEM pay-per-click ad campaigns. PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive immediate results, including visibility for your company, leads, sales, and ROI. eCLICKS is a Google Premier Partner with years of experience managing PPC marketing campaigns in Google and Bing.

Our process

We’ve developed a process that will optimise your return on investment:
First, we work with you to define your goals and set appropriate budgets. Then we identify the optimal mix of tactics that will deliver the ROI.

Competitive analysis

The first step in our process is to perform an analysis of your competitors. We examine the websites, ads, and other materials your competitors are using to attract qualified leads and drive sales.

Keyword research

We complete a complete review of keywords in your category to determine search volumes for each of them and average costs per click. Then we select the ideal combination to reach your target audience and achieve high-quality clicks.

Bid Management

We use a variety of tools and systems to manage your bids and utilise your budget to achieve the highest return on investment.

Ad Campaigns

We create campaigns that are optimised for performance from the start and we optimise them over time to increase performance even more, always pushing the potential to increase acquisitions while we lower the cost per acquisition.

Ad Copy

Our content team creates strategically right and creatively bright ad copy that is highly relevant to what your target market is searching for. As a result, it increases CTR and drives qualified traffic.

Scalable marketing

We build all the components of your digital marketing so they can be scaled quickly and efficiently to drive your growing success online.

Automated bid strategies

We utilise the latest artificial intelligence, based on data, to inform our bid strategies and invest your budget to maximise results.

Custom Audiences

We segment your audiences to focus on the most relevant members.

Sequential advertising

We use ad sequencing to be sure to show the right ad at the right time to the right person


Once we launch a campaign, we do A/B split testing and multivariate testing to optimise the performance of your campaigns.


We provide detailed reporting on your campaigns and include it in your customised performance dashboard. So you’ll be able to see how your budget is being expended and how it’s performing in real time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and Bing rank websites according to a variety of technical criteria.

We address them all by creating an audit of the technical issues that are affecting the SEO of your site and then developing solutions to fix them. To improve the SEO as promptly as possible, we can prioritise the issues by the amount of impact they have on your ranking in the search engines. We can also work with your developers to fix the issues.

During the process, we’ll do an audit of your external links to increase them, and we’ll optimise the links within your site.

We’ll also do a keyword audit of the copy on your site and in your meta data and make recommendations.

And we’ll make sure your website loads fast on all devices – desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Social Media Marketing

Today, social selling presents every company with an extraordinary opportunity to build brands and sales.

In addition to being a Premier Google Partner, we’re experts in creating custom social media campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We also monitor emerging social media platforms and advertise on them when we think they will help improve your ROI.

To create your social media advertising, we manage everything from account setup to campaign creation and ongoing optimisation. We can also assess your Facebook page and optimise it to help build your brand and your fan base.

Our team of social media advertising experts will help plan your marketing budget based on a cost per sale or lead that you need to maximise your profitability.

Conversion rate optimisation

When targeted traffic is visiting your website and conversions are occurring, we implement conversion rate optimization, or CRO. It includes optimizing your website in ways the incoming data tells us it can be, creating specific landing pages to drive paid traffic to with paid ads, and then testing variations on the website and landing pages to optimise overall performance.


When all your campaigns are set up and running, we create a customised performance dashboard to make it easy for you to see how all the components of your digital marketing are performing in real time. The dashboard centralises data from Google, Bing, Facebook, BigQuery, MySQL, Sheets, Excel, and hundreds of other resources.

Why Choose Us

Your Dedicated Account Manager

Our account management philosophy is based on personal, proactive communication with our clients. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who is an expert in your industry.

You can be confident your account manager will be the agency representative you always hoped to work with. One of the many benefits of performance-based digital marketing is that your account manager’s compensation is directly tied to your account's performance. So your success is your account manager’s success.

Your Custom Performance Dashboard

When all your campaigns are set up and running, we create a customised performance dashboard to make it easy for you to see how all the components of your digital marketing are performing in real time. The dashboard centralises data from Google, Bing, Facebook, BigQuery, MySQL, Sheets, Excel, and hundreds of other resources.

Proof of performance: 90% client retention rate

Best of all, our high client retention rate is due to what performance-based digital marketing is all about: results.

A tradition of performance since 2006

eCLICKS has been creating and executing high-performance, results-focused campaigns for 14 years. Over time, we’ve developed unique strategies that drive high performance, and we continue to develop innovative strategies to address the ever-changing landscape of the internet.

Strategies for immediate and Long-Term Success

We believe the internet allows us to close the usual gap between strategies for short-terms sales and long-term brand building. eCLICKS creates strategies that simultaneously deliver immediate sales results and long-term brand building.

We make increased reach across APAC and Europe easy

If you’re looking to branch out to new territories or when your success with us drives it, we can easily expand the reach of your marketing into new geographic locations. We have teams in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Dubai, Sweden and the UK who can make localisation into new countries simple, including translation of your website, landing pages, and ad copy.

So you’ll have the potential to reach a new audience of 4,344,623,735 people across APAC and 747,700,446 across Europe in their native language.

What our clients say

David Trewern - Creator & CEO

eClicks have been a great help in growing a number of business I have been involved with, including my current venture Fliteboard, which generates a great deal of it's sales from online marketing.

David Trewern - Creator & CEO
Lloyd Smith - Marketing Manager

Grant and the team are an absolute pleasure to deal with and provide exceptional service that goes beyond any digital marketing agency.

Lloyd Smith - Marketing Manager
Nishanth Stephen - Search Manager

Grant and the team at eCLICKS were of great help on the site migration for domain.com.au. There were 20m+ pages that needed to be migrated over to a new URL structure, a task too big for our inhouse team to undertake in a timely manner. They helped us put

Nishanth Stephen - Search Manager
Justin Hodgson - General Manager Marketing

We engaged eClicks to conduct an SEO audit on our website. Grant and his team were proactive, passionate and displayed a level of expertise and patience that enabled us to get the right result. The report has provided a strong foundation on which we can drive our SEO strategy and improve the organic traffic to our website. We look forward to seeing the results

Justin Hodgson - General Manager Marketing
Tracey Jones - Chief Marketing Officer

SAE Creative Media Institute have been working with eCLICKS as a close business partner since 2014. In that time, we have grown our lead flow, our cost efficiency performance continues to increase and we have kept pace with the fast moving digital landscape. The eCLICKS team have become like an extension of our own marketing teams. I would recommend the eCLICKS team to anyone wanting to take their digital performance to the next level.

Tracey Jones - Chief Marketing Officer
John McLaughlin - Executive Vice President

"eCLICKS are essential to our success. Their integrated digital marketing strategies are one of the key factors in why Monster.com is now the premier global online employment solution."

John McLaughlin - Executive Vice President

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